VOCs Data Sheet    

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) comprise a family of organic chemicals, including both man-made and naturally occuring compounds. Although they play an important role in various natural processes such as communication between plants, some of them are threat for the environment and human health.

Harmful anthropogenic VOCs usually show highest concentrations indoors and even though they are not acutely toxic, their health effects are typically long-term. Therefore, they are typically regulated by law, especially as research into VOCs and their effects is difficult.


VOCs sampling

The passive sampler is composed of ORSA5 diffusion tubes compromising a glass sampling tube open at both ends filled with activated charcoal. Each opening is filled with a cellulose acetate diffusion barrier. This set up allows ambient air to diffuse into the sampling tube in a controlled manner. The substances are analyszed by gas chromatography.

The image below shows a VOCs sampler and its installation within the optimized protective shelter.









The VOC analyses are carried out by an external partner laboratory. Please contact us for further information.