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We are an accredited testing laboratory for air quality of ambient, indoor and workplace atmospheres based in Switzerland. For more than 20 years, we provide excellent solutions to monitor air pollutants by passive samplers for various pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide, ozone, particulate matter and many more.

Our service comprises both the production of diffusive samplers as well as conducting the analysis with the help of spectrophotometry, gas and ion chromatography in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025. This ensures that we can provide analytical data that is reliable, amenable to statistical evaluation, technically sound and defensible.

Besides that, we place emphasis on:

  • Long-term comparability of results; internal procedures and recording enables consistent data over time.
  • Traceability; the analytical chain is based on certified reference materials and traceable to national bodies.
  • Transparent evaluation of measuring uncertainties according to GUM; the whole analytical chain is regularly verified by testing in controlled atmospheres.
  • Cost effective and efficient solution depending on our clients’ individual needs.

passam ag was founded as an ETH spin-off by Dr. Markus Hangartner and Andrea Hangartner. We operate as an independent company located in Männedorf, Switzerland.

Based in Switzerland, we are currently active in 50 countries across the world. With environmental concerns rising faster and faster, our services are needed throughout the world, both in order to assess the situation in different nations as well as to make sure that we can take the corrective steps to ensure a better future.



Passive samplers are an effective tool in the air environment to determine time-weighted averages of concentration levels of dissolved air pollutants. Passive samplers prove to be optimal devices for the measurement of long term and cumulative concentrations in remote and inaccessible areas eliminating errors caused by short-term variations in concentrations. An example is the reference study conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow […]

Calibration of dispersion models

Dispersion models are an important tool in air quality management as they combine topographic data, emissions – and meteorological data. However, their quality heavily depends on the availability and reliability of the above mentioned input parameters. For sites where those input parameters are not precise enough, diffusive sampler allow assessing the spatial distribution of the air pollution in a convenient and cost effective manner. Due […]

Following trends

The evaluation and observation of air quality trends in air pollution is crucial to understand the effectiveness and efficiency of air protection measures, to quantify emission factors, to determine standards and to support decision makers in their actions. Due to their reliability, cost effectiveness and power free and light weight installation passive samplers are an important and cost effective tool to identify and follow such […]

Hot Spot Mapping

Spatial data analysis by the means of geographic maps is a usefull tool to better understand the studied and measured phenomena. We use different geographic visualization techniques to reveal spatial releationships between hot spots and monitoring stations, to allow classifications including thresholds, classify zones or to help communicate a specific situation. The density of the sampling sites significantly influences the quality and reliability of such […]


Renewal of Accreditation by the Swiss Accreditation Service

Renewal of Accreditation by the Swiss Accreditation Service

Thanks to all passam team members, the conformity of our products and laboratory service have once more been accredited by the Swiss Accreditation Service. Go to our Certification

How Covid-19 measures affect european air pollution: a EEA report

How Covid-19 measures affect european air pollution: a EEA report

The EEA data collected during the weeks of the stark measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus show a clear effect on air quality in Europe. The data show a drop in the pollution in the european air, in particular in the concentrations of NO2. That is largely due to reduced traffic in major cities. Reductions of almost 50% have been reported in some […]

Operation in Covid-19 situation

Operation in Covid-19 situation

As we all continue to navigate through this rapidly evolving Covid-19 pandemic, we would like to announce that passam continues uninterrupted its operations. Respecting the worldwide measures for this emergency situation and taking responsibility for the wellbeing of our coworkers , we will still be delivering your orders and analysing incoming passive samplers, as long as the respective post and supplying services allow it. We […]

passam ag
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phone: +41 44 920 46 44
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Where can the specifications of each sampler be found?

All specifications are available upon request. Please contact us directly. Soon they will be also available in the download section.


How long till delivery?

We are able to ship around 2 weeks after placement of order.


What is the custom tarif number?

The HS code for our passive samplers is 3926.9000


What is our EORI-Number?

Our EORI-Number is DE545840061960981.


From where is the Certificate of Origin?

All our products and services are of Swiss preferenential origin.


Are further information sheets available?

Upon request, the following information sheets can be provided:

  • about monitoring strategy
  • effects of temperature and wind on the sampler performance
  • uncertainity calculations
  • sampling rates
  • working ranges
  • volatile organic compounds


LANUV membranes

We strongly reccmmend  to use LANUV membranes at highly wind- and or traffic exposed monitoring sites. Further information is available upon request.