Where can the specifications of each sampler be found?

All specifications are available upon request. Please contact us directly.


How long till delivery?

We are able to ship around 2 weeks after placement of order.


What is the custom tarif number?

The HS code for our passive samplers is 3926.9000


What is our EORI-Number?

Our EORI-Number is DE545840061960981.


From where is the Certificate of Origin?

All our products and services are of Swiss preferenential origin.


Are further information sheets available?

Upon request, the following information sheets can be provided:

  • about monitoring strategy
  • effects of temperature and wind on the sampler performance
  • uncertainity calculations
  • sampling rates
  • working ranges
  • volatile organic compounds


LANUV membranes

We strongly reccmmend  to use LANUV membranes at highly wind- and or traffic exposed monitoring sites. Further information is available upon request.