Sulfur dioxide is noticeable component in the atmosphere as well as a major air pollutant. Exceeding a certain concentration, the gas has a significant impact upon human health, the habitat suitability for plants as well as for animal life. Emissions of sulfur dioxide is a precursor to acid rain and atmospheric particulates.

The passive sampler is based on the principle of diffusion of sulfur dioxide molecules onto the absorbent made out of potassium carbonate and glycerin. The quantification is done by ion-chromatography. The samplers are composed of a polypropylene housing with an opening of 20 mm in diameter. To exclude wind and weather disturbances, a glass fiber membrane supported by a wire net is attached and set up in a especially designed protective suspension device.

Sketch of the passive sampler and its schmematic installation in the especially designed protective shelter.












Here, you find an example boradcasted on TV how SO2 passive sampler can be applied (in German):