Particulate Matter Data Sheet    

Sigma-2 Flyer    

Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) or particulates are complex microscopic solid or liquid matter suspended in the atmosphere. Such particulates can have severe impacts on climate and precipitation that adversely affect human health.


Particulate matter sampling

The Sigma-2 passive sampler for the collection of particulates between 2.5 and 80 µm in diameter is based on the principle of sedimentation. The particulates are fixed on an adhesive plate and subsequently subjected to microscopic image analysis. The results of this specific analysis shows the distribution of the grain sizes. Together with the number of counted particles, the PM10 value is calculated.

In comparison to traditional measuring methods, the usage of the Sigma-2 passive sampler has three major advantages:

  • The measured detected particles can be qualitatively allocated to the specific source.
  • The PM10 measuring can be combined with other pollutants such as Ozone or NO2.
  • By installing several Sigma-2 passive samplers, statements of spatial particle distributions are easily achievable.

Sigma-2 passive sampler and the characterization of the measured particulates in order to allocate them to the specific source.
















The microscopic PM analyses are carried out by an external partner laboratory. Please contact us for further information.