HF Data Sheet    

Hydrogen fluoride is used in the glass etching, electronic, and chemical industries and in the production of aluminium and chlorofluorocarbons.

The California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) has calculated a chronic inhalation reference exposure level (REL) of 30 ug per cubic meter for hydrogen fluoride based on effects on bone density in humans. At lifetime exposures increasingly greater than
the reference exposure level, the potential for adverse health effects increases.

HF sampling

The sampler collects HF by molecular diffusion along an inert tube to an absorbent, in this case triethanolamine.

The sampler is mounted with the aid of a clip; the plastic cap is removed at the onset of sampling, thus allowing HF to be transported by molecular diffusion up the tube to the TEA, where it is retained. The cap is replaced at the end of sampling and the collected HF is determined spectrophotometrically. The sampler is placed in a specially designed shelter to protect it during its exposure.