Ammonia NH3 is a colorless, penetrating smelling corrosive pollutant. The main sources of NH3 are natural processes as decay of organic matter or from excreta. Man made sources are the use of fertilizers, waste disposal or industrial processes. Besides the unpleasant odor, high concentration of Ammonia is severely harming the vegetation.

The passive Ammonia sampler collects gaseous ammonia by absorption on phosphoric acid. The amount of NH3 is determined spectrophotometrically by the indophenol method. The samplers are composed of a polypropylene housing with an opening of 20 mm in diameter. To exclude wind and weather disturbances, a glass fiber membrane supported by a wire net is attached and set up in a protective shelter.

Ammonia passive sampler and its application using its especially designed protective shelter.






Time series of a comparison of a continuous NH3 analyser and diffusion tube of ammonia and its specifications (04.01.2016).