passam takes part in the measurement of ammonia in Scottland – Covered in Umwelttechnik Deutschland Schweiz

Excessive ammonia emissions are harmful to human health and ecosystems. SI traceable measurement of the reactive gas in ambient air is therefore important but challenging. The research work of the three-year MetNH3 project compared different approaches in laboratory and field studies. This improved above all the metrological traceability – not least due to the mobile reference gas generator ReGaS1.

Hamburg measures diesel exhaust gases with passam – Covered in Die Zeit

The dispute over diesel exhaust gas suffers from a lack of measured values. In Hamburg, ZEIT once measured its own emissions using our own passive samplers. The figures suggest that the problem is much bigger than the official data show. Press here and  here for the original text. This photo is copyright (c) 2017 Slaunger and made available under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.